few questions about 6.2.1 NC

Hi All.
I am new in QNX (6.2.1 NC) and i have few questions:
can I manage the size of workspace(increase/decrease) after the installation?

is it possible to make my integrated sound Realtec ALC650 work? (i’ve read this thread openqnx.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t1573-.html )

i gues theres no way to make screen refresh higher than 85Hz (GF4 mx440)?

and whats the deal with opera browser? i’ve tried both 5.2.1 ond 6.01 versions but after install and launching it - voyager launches instead and a window pops up saying that this version of opera is for testing only or smth.
so much for now :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Opera is using voyager for the front end.

workspace? Meaning your installed partition? No, there are no tools for resizing afaik.

As for screenmode, I’ve personally settled on 80 Hz, but happily set it right up to 161 Hz (limit of the monitor), with plenty of oddball rates in between. The trick to this one is to edit the -R option the “Advanced” setting.

If you are using the tweeked vesa driver then no it’s not very filled out as I had a problem (Didn’t understand why) with implementing variable refreshrate so I just opted for a few preset rates instead. More presets could be added, I hadn’t given it much thought at the time.

Yes my soundcard work now. Special thank to phbear!

You may download the patched driver from his suite (adresse has change) qnxzone.com/~phearbear/?go=Dell%208500