bug with serial mice (x86)

Hi, the lastest neutrino released i’ve tested was the 6.1 and it has
a bug with my serial mouse (due to inputtrap i guess) which made my mouse unusable, i’d like to know whether it has been fixed in 6.2. This bug was listed in QNX’s faq but i can’t find it anymore !!

Thanx. :question:

There are still problems with ps2 mice in 6.2. Old style ms mice work ok. There’s an update of dev-hirun at developers.qnx.com/Fixes/Software/ which is for logitech and cordless mice. Give it a try.


Worst reply ever.

I’d basically give up with 6.1 and with a serial mouse. Go for a USB or PS/2 mouse and definatly upgrade to 6.2

Just passing on my experience.

If you’ve got a ps2 mouse working I’d love to know if you did anything to get it to work. With a ps2 mouse my cursor goes into “I don’t want to know you” mode, moving EXTREMELY slowly in the general direction of the mouse. Eventually it disappears all together. I’ve looked at inputtrap but the output from it does not in any way correspond to what the doco says (ie. it does not produce any output). I’ve played around with the switches to no avail.

My system is a 2xPIII 450 using the VESA 2.0 driver running on a supermicro P6DBU motherboard with the Intel 440BX chipset. I’m running 6.2 with no updates.

If you (or anyone) has any tips, please post them