tcpdump no packets captured

I currently have my desktop setup using a proxy server to share my access over my 802.11b link. Runnning QNX6.2.1 and tcpdump 3.7.1, nothing gets captured for my en0 interface, once in a while it will pick up hundreds of packets, but fails to show them in real-time also. (just being run as tcpdump -i en0), side note, is it possible to put my en0 interface into promiscuous mode, just wondering.


try “tcpdump -i en0 -l” (that a little L)

tcpdump by default put the interface into promiscuous mode.

hrm. Now when I run it, it seems I get a single timestamp followed by what seems to be random numbers, after a few minutes it’ll fill with packets that previously passed. Actually, now that I am running it, it just seems it’s laggy as hell. but it’s picking up my packets, thanks!
btw, anybody run any other sniffers ? Ethereal, ettercap or something. Ciao.