Readline / History - Arrow Keys ?

I have managed to compile the readline and history libs for QNX 4.25, but cannot figure out how the hell to get my up/down/left/right keys to perform the required actions (prev - next history …). I have taken the documented .inputrc file, but this seems to put strange chars on the screen when pressing these keys. Has anyone got a working .inputrc file for QNX 4.25, or can someone please explain to me what I should be doing ???

Thank you.

Since readline is just a library, what application are you using? Or are you writing your own one?

My guess is readline doesn’t support QNX’s own terminal type. What terminal are you running your application under? are you on text console or photon pterm, or X Window xterm?

It is my own application and it is running on a term type of QNX (ksh - text console).

Think I have it sorted, please tell me if this is the correct way of doing this:


set edit-mode emacs
set bell-style none
set input-meta off
set iconvert-meta off
set output-meta on

“\xFF\xA4”: backward-char
“\xFF\xA6”: forward-char
“\xFF\xA1”: previous-history
“\xFF\xA9”: next-history
“\xFF\xAC”: delete-char
“\xFF\xA0”: beginning-of-online
“\xFF\xA8”: end-of-line

first thing I would try is to use the ansi mode:

export TERM=qansi
stty load protocol=1

and see if your application works.

your way of tweaking .inputrc will probably get it work in qnx term but will fail otherwise.

It does work very well in the qnx term, and all our systems are configured to use the qnx term. So I guess my tweaked .inputrc is the way to go.