How to modify Makefile for QNX 6.2.1 IDE C++ Project


I’m using QNX 6.2.1 Momentics IDE and would like to know if anyone knows how to modify the “Makefile” so that the IDE will only rebuild those files which reference to modified “Header files”. My project is a QNX C++ project and has multiple “Makefiles”, very confusing.

Currently if I run Build it won’t include the changes I made in the header files and the only option is to run
ReBuild but it will rebuild everythings again (it takes a minute or two on 2.4GHz Pentium which is very slow).

Can you give me an example on how to modify the
Makefile (or which one to change) so that the compiler knows which files to rebuild.



You can add something like this to…


Personnaly I found autodependencies a major feature missing from the IDE. The QNX makefile is complex enough to make adding that feature a task I didn’t dare to try.