Help with network configuration

I’m new user of QNX and I don’t nkow how configure my network and the internet, I have a proxy and all the machines in the network are running over windows, but I want to use QNX, what can I do or where can I get information about it?

By the way I’m using QNX Neutrino 6.21 NC.

Should work without any need for configuration (I beleive the default is to use DHCP). If it doesn’t work maybe your network card isn’t supported?

Or maybe QNX isn’t completely installed. This has tripped up many a person.


Well it seems my network card hasn’t been recognized, how can install the driver or download the driver, my network card is Intel pro 10/100 or how can I check what network cards are suported by QNX?

I think Intel pro 10/100 uses “speedo” driver, just slay and restart io-net with -dspeedo option. If that still doesn’t work, check “pci -v” to find out DID and VID and hardcode that in the io-net command line. Check this thread: