any way to recover files after running the remove command?

i used the rm -r command

Under QNX4 there was a utility to do that (to some extent) I don’t beleive it’s been ported to QNX6. I think the utility was called diskram (really not sure)

It’s actually called disk_raw

you may find other undelete tools in that directory, but, as mario mentioned, none of them are in QNX 6. You may think it shouldn’t be too hard to port those tools to QNX 6 since both use the qnx4fs file system.


how do i unzip the file “DISK_RAW.TGZ” so i can run the utility?

When you delete a file (or files), the file system just marks the directory entry as available and places the blocks used by the file back in the “available list”. The utilities mentioned scan the directory for entries which look like they have valid data but are marked as free. If you choice to re-enable one of these entries, it will follow the pointers in the directory entry and remark the blocks as used.

This will work without problem if you have written nothing to the disk after you did the accidental removal. As soon as you write anything, you take the chance that the file system will either reuse the disk block (it is marked as free afterall), or the directory entry - if you create a file in the same directory.

Unless the file is really, really valuable, if you have written anything to the disk, it is probably not worth the effort to try to recover it. If it is a text file (or files), you may be able to recover parts of it (by identifiying the data), but if it is a binary file, it is really hard to tell if it has been damaged - unless you can compare it to a good copy, which of course defeats the point.

Oh yeah, ‘tar xzf filename.tgz’ will extract the contents - to a different disk, right?