Installation problem for QNX 6.2.1

My computer cannot boot from CD, so from the QNX 6.2.1 NC CD, I created a boot floppy. Upon trying the boot floppy I get the following output:
Detected EIDE Scanning for devices.
[stuff deleted]
Trying to detect SCSI aha8
Detected SCSI aha8. Scanning for devices.
Starting devb-aha8 blk auto=partition dos exe=all

At that point, it hangs. I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas or suggestions?

How much SCSI do you have? CDROM, disk?
Is it mixed with IDE too?

I’ve have no knowledge on qnx’s scsi abillities but garbage in the boot process is typical of an error in the written cd. Check the cd with, dd if=/dev/cd0 | md5sum
or with, dd if=/dev/cd0 | cksum
Then compare it with

The floppy and CD are controlled(I believe) by the PCI SCSI and two hard drives are controlled by EIDE controllers.

I’m only resorting to the floppy install because the computer won’t boot the QNX 6.2.1 CD. Any workarounds for either problem will suffice.


Sounds like your SCSI or setup is not quite supported. Can you try to pull out the SCSI card and use a IDE CDROM?

BTW, I’ve never heard floppies attached to a SCSI bus.

Well, I got around this original problem by putting the disk in another machine and that seemed to work. It installed QNX and it booted up fine. When I moved the HD back to the original machine, I get the same aha8 errors.

In the original machine now, I’ve unplugged the CDROM from the bus as well as power, but I’m still getting errors saying that the boot up process is looking for SCSI devices even though nothing is plugged in. So it looks like it isn’t a CDROM problem but I don’t know what else.

Is there a way to get it to boot up without looking for SCSI devices? Or will I need to disable the SCSI bus within the BIOS?

Any suggestions or answers are welcome and appreciated. Thanks

From my memory: you can hit SPACE during boot up, and then F11, and you should be able to disable probing any disk beyong EIDE.