where is the parallel port device for printing on qnx6.2 or how can i setup to print to the parallel port?

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parallel device can be accessed via /dev/par1, and /dev/par1 is created by running the devc-par driver, which should be started automagically by the device enumerators at boot time.

The /dev/par1 is not started at boot time. I put the execution of devc-par in a scipt at /etc/local/rc.d/rc.local but,/dev/par1 is not created till after t boot time. i still can’t print? How do i set up the printer after i create the/dev/par1. And is there a way to let the sys create the/dev/parl port?

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those should help you on setting up printers via /dev/par1.

/dev/par1 should come up automatically during boot, if not, enumerator may not working properly. in any case, starting devc-par from rc.local should take care of it. make sure your BIOS is setup properly for the parallel port. also, you may need some options. “use devc-par” for details. Do you have any /dev/par* at all after you started devc-par?

Yes. but at boot time the message says no /dev/par1 file or dir.
after this the par1 is created.
but the system dont see it.

What should my bios be set as?

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if enumerator can’t find your parallel port and start devc-par, it won’t start “spooler” either.
Now after you manually start devc-par in rc.local, does “ls -l /dev/par*” show anything? If you doesn’t show /dev/par1, you can just manually start “spooler” in the rc.local after the devc-par. Check those URL on how to start “spooler” manually. You may need to put a sleep or waitfor in between devc-par and spooler command in your rc.local.

your suggestions worked.

spooler -d /dev/par1

in the rc.local file