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i try to write a ‘hello world’ application on windows with the IDE. I’ve set in the target hostname ‘localhost’ (self-hosted application).The target is not connect so i cannot run the application. I don’t know how i can start qconn on windows…

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You can’t. Self hosted implies your are running on QNX and want to run your program on your development machine. You can’t do that, so set the target hostname to your target machine - the one running QNX.

you mean i must have QNX running on the target machine?Can you tell me how i can configure it

Yes if you are writing QNX program you can’t really expect them to run under Windows :wink:

You need to have TCP/IP running on the target and both QNX and Windows machine should be able to ping each other. Then you need to have qconn running on the QNX target. In the IDE create a target and specify the IP address (or hostname).

Details of these operations are well describe in the manual.

/me just shakes his head…

I must say I am amazed someone paid 8000US without knowing such basic concept and/or taking such simple steps as reading manual to get a feel for the system.


Now i need to know. i have not enough information about qconn. what’s qconn, how i can run it on the target machine(windows)?. must i install another QNX on th target machine?

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In a cross development environment (one where you are developing for a system different that what you run), you have two machines, your development machine and your target machine. The development machine is where the compiler, editor, IDE, etc is and the target is the machine that your software will run on.

In your case (from what you have said), you are cross developing on a Windows platform. That means you have your tool chain (compiler, editor, whatever) on Windows and you are using that to develop QNX applications to run on your target.

Maybe we should start at the begining. What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you developing QNX apps? You realise that QNX is an operating system, right?

Do you have the docs for QNX? Did you try looking up qconn and see what it says?

Okay i see something in the docs about qconn buit it’s say that’s responsible to the connection qith teh target and it must be started(qconn).
I use to Qnx to programming a microcontroller port Motorola MPC2500 and i’m newbie in Embedded Systems.
First i want to know how QNX works. it’s important for me to write firstly a little application on windows to see how i can better use the compiler (debugging,errors…).
I have installed QNX on my windows machine and i have see the docs how i can create a project application and so,… but my problem was how i can run,debug… the application on a windows machine before i start to work on a targeted port…

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Although it has been said before, I will say it again.

You can’t run, debug your application on your windows machine. period.

You could, of course, develop with QNX as your host. That way simple test programs that don’t need the target hardware will work just fine.

Silvain, (that sounds french). When you develop with the IDE on windows (Eclipse stuff right?) you are building QNX executable. Tthe executable must be copied on a QNX machine to be executed. There is no ‘port’ involved, the result of the compilation is a QNX executable that can only run on the QNX operating system. When the IDE is run on Windows it needs a QNX machine connected via serial port or network to be able to copy the executable from the Windows machine to the QNX machine. The IDE will then remotely allow you to debug the executable on the QNX box.

Imagine Apple selling a compiler that can run under Linux but can only build Mac program. Would you expect the Mac program build by the compiler to run under Linux? If you do you are in serious trouble.