Apache up but not LAN-visible

Apache installed OK from QNX repository of 3rd party contributions.
On my QNX 6.2.1 NC host I can start the Voyager browser and see home page file “index.html” display.
From my MS Win XP box I can ping the IP of QNX 6 (and vice versa) but doing a “GO” from Internet Explorer with “http:///” gets me an error screen with “Cannot find server or DNS error.”
I would have thought that using the IP address in the URL position would result in a successful page fetch.
Is it really a DNS error or is there an obvious thing I need to fix on the QNX computer?

Have you tried “http:///index.html” ?

Also try
telnet 80
hit enter twice.

Post the output here.

My guess is the server is misconfigured and tries to redirect you to somewhere that doesn’t exist.

Make sure the port is not set to 8080 in httpd.conf

Thanks “noc” and “thegman.” Both of you pointed to the port number which was indeed the problem. Setting it to 80 instead of 8080 allowed browsing remotely with IE (and Opera).