[HELP ME]errors happen when QNX620 was installing!!

I have no idea what’s the problem with my computer!but when I install QNX620 something did happen.
first,qnx could not boot from harddisk.I can enter QNX only with a bootdisk for QNX621.and my system is windows98.
second, I could not install phAB in QNX envirnment.the installer just could not find the install files.with the same CD on two computers I installed QNX621 sucsessfully.so know I wanna know wether can I install PhAB from www.repository.qnx.com/repository or not.which package should I download?
how can I solve these problems ?
Help me!

What errors are you seeing on the install?
PhAB is part of the development environment now. You shouldn’t have to install it separately.

The processs with the lates disk has two steps. You boot off the CD, let it install and reboot as it instructs you. You then have to reinsert the CD and run the installer again (it will do it automatically if the CD is there).
The second stage of the install is the part that installs the development environment.

you said is what it should be!but it did not act like that!
when I boot from harddisk, it always says "scaning for devicesâ„¢and hangs.when I boot from a QNX621 boot floppy, it continue with â„¢generating hlepviwer data base…â„¢ and could get in QNX.(but if I boot it from a QNX620 bootfloppy it still hangs).
then I download a package named which contains microGUI .when this is installed and reboot.QNX saysâ„¢can not mount:…â„¢then QNX asks me to input timer,login,password.but when I put login,I could not put password.what’s the problem???I am so confused,any help will be apreciate!