{HELP ME!} Trouble in starting the Net module of Qnx4.25.

Hi, i have some problem while using the “Net” and “Net.fd” commands in QNX4.25. When my OS was started up, the Net module was started up from /etc/config/sysinit.1 also in the following steps: Net &, Net.ether82557 -I0 -P &. After these functions, the Network driver in my mashine could be binded an IP address as bellow: netmap -f, Socket -L cmts1 &, ifocnfig en1 *** netmask ***. But i could not provide an IP affress to the Network driver once again after the Net.fd command was performed, such as “Net.fd -c -a 00:02:5e:00:00:78 -h -l 2 /dev/bcmnet_fd &, netmap -f, Socket -L cmts1 &, ifconfig en2 *** netmask *** up”. But when the “netmap” was typed in, two logical Networks were displayed. Is it true that a Network driver should be binded to Net.fd as a default action? If true, which is the way by which the Network driver was binded to it? And if there were more than one Ethernet Cards in my machine, which one would be binded to Net.fd? Would you reply my questions please? Thanks. :frowning:

Perhaps a better question is what are you trying to accomplish?

Generally the sequence is:

Net &
Net.whatever &
Net.whatever & # if you want two interfaces
netmap -f # assuming you are using qnet
Sock[l]et hostname & # assuming you are using tcpip
ifconfig en[1|2] values # assuming you are using tcpip

The Net.whatever is the driver for a particular peice of hardware. Net.fd is special because it simulates a network driver using a file descriptor (you can use a serial connection to create qnet over serial). So the question is once again, what are you trying to accomplish?