Boot menu under WinXP?

after reading some of the articles on installing qnx under a fat partition, i noticed the following.

is there a similar method using WinXP’s boon.ini ?

Can’t say I know for sure, but since you can’t install QNX in a XP partition (it uses NTFS), it might not matter. Also since QSS is not supporting this as an option anymore, I doubt the loadqnx.sys even works in XP.

So maybe the best thing is to give it a try - install qnx in a fat partition (not your XP partition) and add the equivilient to the XP boot menu?

Personally for all that trouble - especially if you have to create a fat partition, just do a normal partition install of qnx.

naoneo, the stuff you quoted is for Win9X’s config.sys, there is NO WinXP/NT/2000 boot.ini equivalent. You have to boot from floppy, or use GRUB. BTW, as rick mentioned, you will have to use a FAT partition, and GRUB can be installed on FAT without a Linux.


Other options of course are to buy and install Virtual PC or other similar product (VMWare) and then run QNX as a guest operating system.

I’ve used Virtual PC under XP and it works like a champ allowing me to run both QNX and XP at the same time. For all intents and purposes QNX thinks it’s on it’s own machine even sharing my single NIC card and getting it’s own IP address.


Hi all, I’m new here but one quick thing to add anyway lol.

In XP, you can add other windows (like say, 98SE or somthing) to the boot list and it can be bootable, however it appears that it only works on MS o/s’ - which isn’t much help. There are plunty of boot managers (though with xp I’d recomend a boot floopy because MS XP is very pigish).

To see what I mean, just go to system properties, advanced tab, startup & recovery, and “edit”. Thats the boot config no?

I doubt I was very helpfull, but hey - I have to break myself into the forums somehow.