QNX 6.2.1 on x86

Can anyone hellp me to find mini PC (600-1GHz 32 Video RAM apropriate sound and LAN) which is fully compatible with QNX 6.2.1

Strange, but am i only one who can not find appropriate x86 based platform (witn all integrated) for QNX 6.2.1

It does seem odd. I went on QNX’s web site and assembled a computer based on supported hardware.

that’s thrue zizban, but i want to buy some board with all integrated (VGA, LAN and Audio) which support QNX6.2.1. there are so many, but still i can not find appropriate board.
plesase, help if somebody found such a PC board

The problem is, a particular board goes off the market rather quickly not to mention that it won’t be shipped everywhere anyway. Individual controllers is the best way to find a match.

genchev: do you think that the via mini-itx-board is supported :slight_smile:? I think it’s possible, because you can buy pci-raiser-cards and then you can plugin a networkcard if the on-board is not supported and you can also plugin a pci-graphiccard, which is supported. But I think the graphic-card would not be a big problem…sound perhaps works…I don’t know…but I’ve got via-sound-on-board and it works.
Network-cards are not that problem. I’ve got 2 networc-cards, the one from 3com and the other “noname” and bot work :slight_smile: …3com for dsl and the other for other things I need to share with other pc’s :slight_smile:.
If you are not sure if the mini-itx board from via works, then just buy one and test it. If it does not work, then give it to ebay and perhaps you will get the same price, which you have paid :slight_smile:
Try it…and then tell us.