Mysql problem

Hi all,
Thanks to help from the people in this forum, I managed to set up an apache/php qnx server. However now I have a new problem. I installed the mysql database from qnxzone, using their instructions. But when I enter

/opt/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password ‘new-password’

it asks me to enter the new password, but then I get the following error :

/opt/mysql/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at ‘localhost’ failed
error : ‘Access denied for user: ‘root@localhost’ (Using password: YES)’

I guess there is something I didnt configure correctly in my qnx install, can anyone help me?

MySQL does not use the acount info of the hostsystem it runs on. It does have it’s own acount system. Have you made the mysql user root/changed password for the mysql root user?

If you have changed password for the mysql user root just use mysqladmin -u root to login
as root got no password as default.
Disclaimer: I have not tested this with the mysql.qpr file so it might do things such as setting password for root which the normal mysql build/install system does not.

Minor change:
If you have changed password for the mysql user root
should ofcause be
If you have NOT changed password for the mysql user root

Where can I change the sql root password? Anything I type in mysqladmin returns the “cannot connect to localhost” error.

guess you downloaded from
and followed this instruction:

did you get any errors after every step?

I didnt get any other errors, and the mysql deamon seems to be running correctly in the background. /opt/mysql/bin/mysql works too

when it asked you for enter the passwd, did you just hit “enter” as documented in ?

btw, this actually asks you for the “existing” passwd, which is just “empty” for a new database. it is NOT asking you for the new password. the new password is enter in your command line in the quotes:
/opt/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password ‘new-password’

this is similiar to changing your system password, you will first be prompt for the current/existing password …

Well it says “Enter password:” so you are probably right. But hitting enter just gives me the usual error…I’m really clueless. Where is the mysql config file for qnx? Do you think I should try installing mysql from the companion cd? Will it work with apache php from qnxzone/fliu?

I just tried it from the scratch on QNX 6.2.1 and it worked fine. I would suggest you stop the mysql daemon, rm -rf /opt/mysql, and untar the file, then follow the instuction again. Be careful this time to hit enter when it says “Enter password:”.

Good luck.

You were right, apparently I set the password to something else first time I installed.
Thanks for the help