Something wrong in QNX 4.24 Network

Hello everyone, there are some trouble in my debug working. When I startup network by command one by one, it’s okay everything, but when I used a shell which contain these commands, the remote pc can not communicate with my QNX machine, what’s the reason? When I change the dofferent switch, may be okay, and how to explain this phenomena?

And thanks a lot.

this below is the command in shell:

slay -f ‘some processes’
Net &
Net.ether82557 -P &
/usr/ucb/Socket -L SERVER &
/usr/ucb/ifconfig en1 netmask up

Make sure inetd is running.

Yes of cause inetd is running and thanks.

the only diffferent is sometimes the network communication can not run normally when I use shell, but sometimes it is okay, and why?

try to put some sleep in between commands in your script.

yes I also think so, but I want to know the reason about it, could you tell me, dear noc.

Network drivers / Net process not in receive state before Socket is being started, well thats what i found.

Net &
Net.ether82557 -P &

while [ nettry -gt 0 ]; do
if [ “$(sin | grep -sc Net.*RECV)” -gt 1 ]; then
/usr/ucb/Socket -L SERVER &
let nettry=nettry-1
sleep 1
/usr/ucb/ifconfig en1 netmask up

Hope that is of some use, not sure if a sleep is required between Net and the Network driver start up too.

opps might need nettry=10 before the while loop =))