QNX 4.25: Synchronising time over network

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I need to have several QNX nodes running 4.25 to synchronize their system time to a master (either Windoze or QNX box, what ever is easier to achieve). Although there is a reference on the QNX4 Knowledge base at qnx.com, I can’t find the information the reference is pointing to. Rumors have it, that there is a Net Time Protocol utility available for exactly the thing we need to do.

Any experience? Any help, links or hints will be appreciated…

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Jens Schirmer
Software Engineer

ftp://ftp.qnx.com/usr/free/qnx4/tcpip/u … tgz.readme
ftp://ftp.qnx.com/usr/free/qnx4/tcpip/u … tp3-5f.tgz

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thanks for the precise and fast reply…

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