I need this patch but don’t know how to use it :slight_smile:
The size is 24.63 Mb. I did download from qnx.com/download/feature.html?programid=8047
How do I unzip that to be able to put the patch on a floppy and use it on my PC104 ?
help for a newbie … :unamused:

login root
cd /
/etc/install -u qnx425patchE.tar.F

This will install the patch on a machine with QNX 425 already installed.

You can extract a specify file:

fcat qnx425patchE.tar.F | pax -vr

nah, newer QNX 4 updates are in tarx format (QNX proprietary) and can only be installed using the photon GUI installer (phinstaller ?)

this particular file (qnx425patchE.tar) is just a pack of several tarx files. You need to unpack it first before you can see them.

pax -rf qnx425patchE.tar

Thanks !! I’ll try that ! First I need my Net.ether82557 to work before I can FTP my computer where the qnx425patchE is. I though it would work well but I’m definitely unluky :cry:
I did configure /etc/hosts,/etc/reslov.conf, and /etc/netstart.
When I type Net.ether82557 & I get ‘Send(): Register with Net manager failed’ …
When I type netstart & I get ‘catshark: bad value’, with catshark the name of my pc104 main board.
When I type nettrap -v I get a bunch of line and what I don’t like is that I have also a bunch of lines saying ‘pci_autodetect Failed’

Any idea ? This Net.ether82557 is supposed to work according to a friend using it on the same type of machine. I did check with the constructor that the Ethernet interface on my MOPSlcd6 is realized with the 82559ER from Intel and from QNX site that I need a 82557 driver.


“Net” has to be running before you can start “Net.ether82557”. Please check it. If you already have Net running, it could be that the version doesn’t match between Net and Net.ether82557. You will need to get the Net from your friend who had given you the Net.ether82557 ;)

yes Net was running … before I ask for another version I have a question . I did rename Net~1.eth (Net.ether822557 on the floppy from my friend) to Net.ether82557 and copy it under bin. When I cpmpare the one from the floppy and the one I put under bin here what it is :

#ls -l Net.ether82557
-rwxrwxr- 1 root root 49194 Mar 25 2004 Net.ether82557


#ls -l net~1.eth
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 49194 Mar 25 2004 net~1.eth

is there something wrong ?

do a “cksum /bin/Net.ether82557” on your system and ask your friend to do the same on his. compare the result. they should match.

ok now it took the Net.ether82557. The thing is
First : at the beginning before I enter the login, it says ‘localhost : bad value’ this comes from the /etc/netstart line "/usr/ucb/ifconfig lo0 localhost up ", because when I comment it it doen’t do that .
Second : I came ftp my Pc104 from my computer when when from my pc104 I do ftp which is my computer, I get
'Connected to
421 server license expired ’
I suppose now is the time to install the patch I was talking about at the beginning of the post no?

as for the ‘localhost: bad value’ error: have you checked /etc/hosts ?
grep localhost /etc/hosts should give: localhost

Now, for the “421 server licnese expired”, maybe you can check “licinfo -a” as root.

You should actually install the patch rather than just updating the individual executables like “Net”, “Net.ether82557”. Those newer binaries may require the newer version of OS (Proc32).

grep localhost /etc/hosts gives localhost localhost.my.domain because there is ‘ localhost localhost.my.domain’ in my /etc/hosts . The error comes from /etc/netstart because when I comment the line I don’t have the error anymore here is my netstart :
/bin/sleep 2
export SOCK=$NODE
/bin/slay -f Socket Socklet;
/bin/prefix -D /dev/console >/dev/null 2>&1;
/bin/prefix -A /dev/console=/dev/con1;

/usr/ucb/Socket catshark & (catshark the name of my pc104)
/bin/sleep 2

/usr/ucb/ifconfig en1 catshark up
/usr/ucb/ifconfig lo0 localhost up



when I just type the line '/usr/ucb/ifconfig lo0 localhost up ’ here is when I get the ‘localhost : bad value’

This is for the localhost bad value.
Then the serve license expired. From ‘licinfo -a’ I get
phin 0/0
phab 0/1
vger 0/1
tcptk 0/1
tcprt 1/2 1
qnx 0/1

finally I’m ready to install the patch when as you said earlier on the post I need photon GUI installer , can you tell me where I can get it ?

The GUI Installer is part of the QNX 4 CD.

Idid the installation with floppies and there was no GUI installer :cry:

Somehow, QSS thinks everybody should have a CDROM attached to the machine, and graphics. So the new update packages are all in the tarx format, which can ONLY be installed via the GUI Installer that is ONLY on the CDROM.

So, assuming you get a CD drive on the machine, and put the QNX 4 software CD in there. You can then launch the GUI installer from the CD, and let it point to the tarx files you downloaded.

ok thank you I’ll see what I can do about the cd rom …!!!