6.2nc A lot of stuff just does not work

I’ve got 6.2nc installed on a PIII450 and a lot of stuff just does not work. I select the entry in the Launch menu, there is a brief moment where something seems to be happening and then nothing. All of the game demos are like this. Workspace 0.4e as well and even the “View Log” button on the installer success dialog are like this as well.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same or similar problems. My mother board is using the Intel 440BX chipset but I have never seen a hardware compatibility list anywhere so I don’t know if it is even supported.

I was really keen on doing some development for Photon but if I can’t be sure that the thing is running properly I’m not sure if it is worth the effort.

I posted a similar query on qdn.rtp.newuser and when I looked for a reply the next day the message had disappeared! Make up your own mind why that happened.

Can anyone help?


Your posting didn’t disappear - I read it in fact. I just don’t think it was to that newsgroup.

What video card do you have and what driver are you using?

Thakyou for you reply cdm.

My current graphics driver is this one:

io-graphics -g1600x1024x32 -dldevg-vesabios.so -I0 -d0x105d,0x5348;#1600,1024,32,100,0D,vesa - unaccelerated driver for VESA 2.00 compliant adapters

and I’m running it on a number nine Revolution IV graphics card (modified for the SGI SW1600).

I hope this gives you a clue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I tried to install your Mozila 1.2 (mozcdm-1.2a-x86-public.qpr) but I got the message:

Package: Mozilla 1.2a 1.2a
Action: selected to be installed by a dependency
Dependency: requires that a package with a “ProductIdentifier” of libiconv and a “VendorInstallName” of public also be installed.

I’ve got no idea whether I’ve got libiconv, where to look to check or where to get it if I don’t have it.

You can get the libiconv package from the 3rd Party CDROM or from qnx.wox.org/qnxpub100/.

The reason you are having troubles with the games is that the vesa driver doesn’t support the video capabilities required by them. So unless you get a new video card you will be out of luck.

Thankyou cdm. I love my screen but its getting to be more and more of a problem.