qnx introduction guide

hi everybody there
i’m a complete newbie to qnx
i am interested in embedded sw programming and i guess i have come to the right place
could somebody plz guide on how to start working on qnx
rhlinorg :slight_smile:

It really depends what you want to write, but generally the place to start is loading PhAb…

If you want to write a particular program, I’m sure lot’s of people here would be able to help.



hi garry
could u plz elaborate a bit more on “PhAb…”
what is it and where can i get it from

Supposed you installed Qnx V6.x properly, you could click your way through ‘Launch > Development > Builder > Help > Tutorial’ and you will be busy for the rest of the year !
I feel PhAB to be very self-explanatory - for a starter like me, for example …
Regards Helge

PhAb for somebody that want to learn about embeddes software programming??? PhAb is a program to help you write GUI application (a bit like VisualBasic some will say)

Start by reading the QNX documentation. It’s more of a reference type of document not really a tutorial but it should get you started. At least you’ll know what question to ask ;-)

You should start with the System Architecture guide, then move on to the Programmer’s Guide and Building Embedded Systems.

Welcome Steve!

Any updates on the Work-In-Progress System Administrator’s Guide ?

6.3 includes a Neutrino User’s Guide that replaces the Sys Admin guide.

and it’s great!!!

where do we get a copy?

When 6.3 comes out ;-)