Problems starting QNX 6

Yesterday I downloaded QNX NC 6 for MS-Windows.I installed it every thing was going good.I booted it but it stucks up at mounting hard drives.
All my hardware is supported.Any cure? :frowning:

What Windows? 98, ME, 2000, XP?
Are you using FAT partition or NTFS?
Are you booting from hard disk or floppy?
Post whatever you saw on the screen when booting QNX.

I am using Windows 98 dual booted with XP and 2000 all with FAT32 partitions.I am booting from hard disk.This is the error when I chose the BE VERBOSE option:

mounting Floppy drive [some path]
mounting hard drive [some path]
mounting hard drive [some path]

After that is stucks and stop responding even is I press space bar to choose some other option.

When it says “press ESC for alternate boot”, just hit ESC and see if you can boot up with alternate (DMA disabled).

If this doesn’t help, another thing to try:
when it says “press SPACE for boot options”, hit SPACE and then F11 and to disable some enumerators (such as F2) or disable detection of non-EIDE controllers (F5).
other options to play with Driver disables ( F12 )