Zinf MP3 player

hello i have been talking to the poeple who make Zinf ( zinf.org )
and they are looking for someone who would be willing to mantain a QNX port. anyone interested? please post here and contact Kristian G. Kvilekval ( kris@cs.ucsb.edu ) if you would like to do it. he says it would not be hard to port to photon (may take a week) but the broweser would be a little harder (several weeks)

hehe, sounds like an opportunity for one of our Photon programmers ;)

Did cdm once ported it?

so do we have any takers for this project? :slight_smile:

Well, are they looking to actually do a real photon port or just an X11 port like when they where freeamp?

Much more interesting, IMHO, to port their codec to the mmedia system under QNX and use it in any player.

native, no X11

Sounds good. I’m not personally interested but someone might be.

i dont know many people in the QNX community but if anyone knows and coder interested or that might be drop them a line and let them know. thanks