No GUI installation

I have to install QNX on a PC, the installation process automaticly kicks off a GUI based installation and there after it starts up in a graphical environment.

I would like to just install the OS without any form of GUI, since my LCD VGA screen doesn’t handle graphics very well. Is there a to NOT have the GUI installed, and NOT use GUI during installation ?.

And one more question… is there a command there will give me the version of the OS ? e.g. QNX 4.25D

Rene Nielsen

I can’t help you with the installation thing, but to see the version of the OS use ‘uname -s -r -v’.

since you mentioned qnx4.2x, I am glad to tell you there is a text based installer for qnx4 though the one that comes with the CD is GUI based. download the qnx4 installation floppy images from quics and you will get the text-based installer.