Phindows based on VNC?

I am looking at various ways of remote interaction with a QNX 6 installation having Photon (GUI) running. Phindows is an obvious choice but I have also run across this Web site:

The claim is that Virtual Network Computing has been around for years and the “how it works” page sounds a lot like my limited understanding of how Phindows works.

Anyone know if there is a family relationship between the two?
Signed-- Mildly Curious :unamused:

Yes essencially they provide the same functionnality. However with Phindows you can have your own private session running while VNC is more like pcanywhere were you see what is on the screen of the PC you are connecting. With phindows 10 person could be connected to the same machine all running their own session.

VNC can actually do the same thing (at least for the Unix version that I’ve been using, not sure about Windows version).

As I see it, the difference between VNC and Phindows are

  1. free vs. non-free.
  2. X Window GUI vs. Photon GUI.
  3. TCPIP support only vs. TCP/IP and Serial port support.

You can resolve 2) by running phinx inside VNC.