Realtek Not Supported ???

Hi! I have QNX 6.2.1 and I have one BIG problem :slight_smile: My system don’t detect my network card (Realtek 8139A). How can I install this network card in QNX, beacause I know, that this system works with some Realtek cards ? I wrote: ‘slay io-net’ and ‘io-net -d rtl -p tcpip’ but I got ‘No such device’ What will I have to do ??? Please, help me :slight_smile:

finish installing qnx. Put the cd back in and run up “Installer”.

That’s right, but I run QNX live from CD…

Wait til the next release comes out. :frowning: Or install it. This is a known problem and although you might get the file from someone on a floppy and run it from there, what’s the point? QNX doesn’t take that much space and you can install it easily enough.

Or go back to the QNX 6.2.0 iso.