I’m relatively new for QNX…and I forgot the password for my system at work…is really important for me…Could some one give me an idea how could I break the “system”…to enter into the system withouot installing again the system…PLease

Here’s what the new User’s Guide suggests:

If you forget your password, ask the system administrator (root user) to assign a new password to your account. Only root can do this.

In general, no one can retrieve your old password from the /etc/shadow file. If your password is short or a single word, your system administrator – or a hacker – can easily figure it out, but you’re better off with a new password.

If you’re the system administrator, and you’ve forgotten the password for root, you need to find an alternate way to access the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files in order to reset the root password. Some possible ways to do this are:

  • Boot the system from another disk or device where you can log in as root (such as from a QNX Momentics PE installation CD-ROM), and, from there, manually reset the password.

  • Access the necessary files from the root account of another Neutrino machine, using Qnet. For more information, see Using Qnet for Transparent Distributed Processing.

  • Remove the media on which the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow are stored and install it on another Neutrino machine from which you can modify the files.

  • In the case of an embedded system, build a new image that contains new passwd and shadow files, and then transfer it to your target system.

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Of course the fact this is in the QNX2/QNX4 forum might mean that the user is using QNX2/4. On the other hand, most of your answers work there as well.

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