QNX resource monitoring

I am trying to develop a program that can monitor the total amount of RAM and hard drive space available, plus its current usage. But I did not find any API or utilities showing such metrics. Does anyone know how to read RAM and disk usage?

Also is there a easy way to get access to process and threads usage thru API and not piping output from utilities like pid or ps -A ?

Look for source to spin ( I beleive it’s on the 3rd party CD). You’ll find in that program all the information you need.

I found the spin website but their qnx installer package (which claimed to have source in it) doesn’t. Do you know where else I can gather API information to do this ?

If you have the 3rd party software CD (freely downloadable from www.qnx.com), you will see src.zip file on it. unzip it and you will the source codes for all programs on the CD, including spin.