PtTrend not fixed in Patch A

I posted an error in the PtTrend-Widget some time ago. The function PtChangeTrendData did no longer work correctly. It was promised that these bug will be fixed in the next patch. It was not fixed!
I somehow have the feeling that QNX is no longer that well organized that it was before. :frowning:
In the QNX 6 version some widgets are no longer supported(PtScale). Why did this happen? Anybody an idea?

If the problem isn’t fixed in 6.2.1 then I would be upset. The PatchA release is for more critical fixes. I strongly doubt that the person who said that to you ment PatchA but rather would have ment 6.2.1.

The guy who told me that was talking about the next “release”. Guess that he meant 6.2.1 with it.
Maybe I should calm down a little :slight_smile:

It may be that the error is fixed in 6.2.1 but if I want to use it I would have to buy a support plan or the complete software :frowning:
Even Mr. Gates offers the updates for free, real nice policy!!!