hi, I have a pb to extract files from an archive. I would like to send some compressed archive files by mail. So I archive a folder and then compress it.

to archive I write in the terminal :

      pax -vw /path/name_of_folder > /new_path/name_of_file.tar

then :

      freeze -v /path/name_of_file.tar

I’m able to uncompress :

     freeze -d /path/name_of_file.tar.F

but when I try to extract the files :

      pax -rvf /path/name_of_file.tar

I have an error message: “permission denied” when I do these actions on the same computer but locations of the folder and the .tar are different.
Is there a mistake, or is the file corrupted ?

The problem is when you create the archive, you use the leading / in the path name: /path/name_of_folder , this means when you extract it on another place, you will need to have permission to create /path under the root (/) directory.