LDAP Authentification

Hi, I’ve installed QNX on a local network. In this lan, I’ve got a lot of machine and server. Evry people can log on client-machine and have its account. We use to do that a LDAP server who works on a linux Debian and a FreeBSD. For the authentification on client we used PAM.
My question is : It is possible to install PAM on QNX ? Or an other system to connect QNX on LDAP server for that every body can log on QNX ?

Thanks a lot…


Nope, there aren’t any remote auth interfaces on QNX right now.

Well, there is openldap in 3rd party cd. With some tweak,
(maybe write you own ‘ldap enabled’ login program) you
might be able to do that.

I know that there is openldap on the CD.
So for the authentification, i’ll try to do something. But I’ve got an other question. Is it possible to mount a partition from a server with NFS ?