QNX seeing a FLASH disk

We are using QNX on a MIPS405 PowerPC board from MPL. We want to store QNX on the Boot FLASH and put our program on a FLASH Drive so we can see it and update it remotely. We have tried two differnt types of drives. One is a Atmel AT29C040A, 4 Mbit FALSH chip that plugs into a open socket and the other is a IDE FLASH Drive.

When we boot the system, UBOOT sees both devices (See below) but QNX does not. We have loaded the flash driver called devf-generic to use these devices. When I try to start up the flash file system in QNX, I get the following:

devf-generic -s 0xf8000000,512k

devf: Unable to properly identify any flash devices

When I try the IDE drive, I can’t get that to work either in QNX- I get a similar error:

devb-eide eide irq=114,vid=0x8086,did=0x7111,chnl=0

No eide interfaces f# ound

The messages I get from UBOOT during Power-On indicates that the boards sees both devices:

U-Boot 1.0.0-pre (Oct 16 2003 - 08:55:11)
(c) 2003 by MPL AG Switzerland, MEV-10072-001 released

CPU: IBM PowerPC 405GP Rev. E at 264 MHz (PLB=132, OPB=66, EBC=33 MHz)
PCI sync clock at 33 MHz, internal PCI arbiter enabled
16 kB I-Cache 8 kB D-Cache
Board: MIP405-4 Rev A SN: 1013 Boot Config: 0xff
I2C: ready
FLASH: (Flash Boot) 4 MB
DOC: No DiskOnChip found
IDE: Bus 0: OK Bus 1: not available
Device 0: Model: 32MB CHH Firm: Rev 1.00 Ser#: 513AC1MI0120540001
Type: Hard Disk
Capacity: 30.5 MB = 0.0 GB (62592 x 512)
Device 1: not available
Rev: MIP405-4 Rev A PLD 0 Vers 1
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
Loading @ 0x00400180 (1996588 bytes)

Starting application at 0x00401be8 …

System page at phys:0000c000 user:0000c000 kern:0000c000 Starting next program at v0042b8d4 Initializing serial ports… Welcome to QNX Neutrino on the MPL405GP Board

I am at my wits end to think of what to do next…

Thanks for any feedback.

It’s possible that the flash chip you want to drive isn’t supported by our low level drivers compiled into devf-generic. You might want to check to see if it supported with your rev of QNX.

As for the IDE drive, you aren’t giving the options correctly I don’t think. Don’t specify the IRQ (the driver will it from the PCI resources) and specify the pci=0 option. From the help on devb-eide…

devb-eide eide vid=0x8086,did=0x2411,pci=0,chnl=0

…change the 0x2411 to your device ID.