QNX comaptible Synchronous RS232 adaptor

Is anyone aware of PC-based QNX compatible synchronous RS232 serial cards ?

Is it be possible to utilise a LINUX compatible card for a QNX computer?

We use Quatech card (very reliable), but most card should work.

You have mentioned that most sync serial cards should work with QNX. But do I not require to obtain QNX driver for it from the card manufacturer? Can the card be configured with the help of Dev.ser?

If my application software is developed for use with async serial ports, can the same be utilised with a card that has sync serial ports?

We are using Advantech’s and Moxa’s serial communication cards with QNX systems. As far as driver is concerned, there was nothing of that sort available for QNX OS from these manufacturers so we had written our own PCI communication card driver to communicate with them.
For ISA based cards, there will be no problem since you can straight away use address and IRQ.

I require to offer SYNCHRONOUS RS232 SERIAL connetivity for my QNX system. I have observed that QUATECH offers sync serial cards but does not indicate compatibility of the same with QNX. Mario, can you please tell me whether you have utilised sync RS232 card offered by Quatech or is it asynchronous RS232 card?

Yeah sorry it was asynchronous card (the one just like in a PC)

Hum I don’t really know which is which (async/sync)