QNX4.25 installn on P4 with 80GB HD

we are using licensed version of QNX 4.25 purchased long back in 1996.
At that time, it had been shipped as a set of floppy diskettes.

We want to install QNX 4.25 on newer pentium P4 or higher machines with hard disk space greater than 8GB (40GB or 80GB). But the floppy version does not allow us to install QNX on higher configuration machines.

Since 40GB or 80GB hard drives are more popular now-a-days, can someone tell us the way to install QNX on newer machines?

I think the support for >8GB disks was added in QNX 4.25 patch A but maybe it is possible to play with Fsys.eide options to allow big disk even in clean QNX 4.25. I never tried it myself because never had problems with disk size.

Contact QNX sales and get the CD with all the lastest stuff.