JS viewer

I am not especially good at javascripts.
But is there any readymade script anywhere that can be tweaked into an thumbnail/image browser for the local filesystem?
Or is there any examples on how to read
a directory and such stuff would also be ok, since i am trying to learn the basics of JS.

Well, there arent that much software for qnx 6.2 , but for such simple tasks as this, then it would be ok with a js script in voyager.

If you install the mozilla, you will find some JS tools (Javascript console, Javascript debugger) under Tools | Web Development. With the help of those JS tools, hopefully you can develop some good JS for QNX :slight_smile:

Well,i do have mozilla installed, but i cant run it with only 32MB ram.
But, are there anything equivalent to the DOS-calls “FindFirst” and “FindNext” in JS? (That prefereable would work in Voyager too) :slight_smile: