problems with CD-ROM reading

Hello for all. I have a problem with reading from cd-rom.
I’m new at dealing with QNX. Please help me.

I installed QNX Momentics NC. My cd-rom doesn’t support installation from cd-rom. So I installed QNX using bootable diskette. DMA isn’t supported too. I’m used non-DMA boot diskette.
After install QNX asked to insert the disk for installing packages. I inserted disk and pressed “Ok”. CD-ROM drive started to work and did not finished. I restarted computer and found /fs/cd0 with “crashed” icon and no information in properties of the file (no owner, no group and so on)

I checked CD-ROM drive is ok in Windows.
In QNX CD-ROM start reading a disk and don’t finish reading.

Thanks all for reading my message.
Please give me any ideas.

I have the same problem!

Do you disable DMA when you run QNX? By default it is still enabled unless you hit ESC when it asks you about altboot.

Try shifting the drive onto the primary IDE chain or change it to master.