6.3 NC

will htere be a 6.3 NC i have heard some people say yes and others say no so which one is it?

According to cdm, there will not be a NC, not in the way we’re used to. There will be a PE, as there is now, with the option to renew it or let it “downgrade” itself to a NC level OS.

so people who jsut wnat to use this as their personal operating system can not use 6.3 without forking over a ton of money?

I do not know the details. I’m sure we’ll all find out soon.

I hope there will be a nc or something similar, because I am one of those guys, who doesn’t want to use it for commercial purposes.

Personally, I don’t use it commercially but would like to, but the price tag is prohibitive. I’d like to see an NC version like there is now, but also a (for example) $200 version for people like me who want to use it in a commercial business, but don’t want to put it into car dashboards/telco systems or anything, just the same kind of licence as with Mac OS X or Windows XP.

From what I understand, you will be able to download 6.3 as an evaluation. At the end of the eval period, you will be able to continue to use it with restricted licensing (similiar to the NC licensing). Of course none of this is announced yet, so QSS can do whatever they want.

It sounds like there will not be an NC version, however if you want to use it non-commercially, you will be able to download the eval version and use that.

Details will become available sometime after the 6.3 release I imagine.

If that’s the case, then that actually sounds like a great way to do it. As long as people can get it for cheap or free it’s all good. I’d still really like to see an ‘in between’ option, for those of us who want to develop stuff which is not freeware or open source. The way I understand it, the current QNX NC does not permit me to even make $10 shareware with it, and I’d like to see a license to allow that kind of thing. Otherwise though, looking forward to 6.3…

You can make shareware but the cost should be a “donation” and no functionality is crippled. PhFTP does it this way.

That’s probably OK for some people, but I’d like to be able to make desktop apps and sell them. If that means that I would have to buy a licence for desktop development for say $200, that’s fine by me. I’m not talking about any realtime stuff, just simple desktop apps aimed squarely at the enthusiast base using QNX NC on x86. I hope somebody from QNX is reading this, they should not underestimate the importance of getting enthusiasts using QNX before they become professional programmers, after all the guy using QNX in his bedroom today might be choosing between VxWorks and QNX in 5 years time for a global company.

A lot of people would pay $100-$200 for a desktop that allows some development of commercial apps but don’t get your hopes up.

That description seems to match Linux?8

To who? Try contacting people that made apps from QNX6 and ask them how much they sold.

I think that argument is overrated. VxWorks doesn’t have an NC version and there are BIG I mean BIG. They did send me an eval version on CD by mail though.

There was 1000000 download of the NC CD when 6.x was first release. Where are these people now. Look at the number of people reading the post/new the top news got 1600 read I beleive.

I think for a company like QSS which is understaffed and lacks resources to do all the thing they need and want to do, time spent on an NC version it not time well spent.

And from what I understand, that is exactly why they are dropping the NC version. Creating a special version, just for a class of user who isn’t their target just doesn’t make sense.


why are they understaffed? isnt QNX practualy running everything from cars to medical stuff the satilites etc…why one earth dont they have tons of money to hire whoever the want?

mmh… I can understand QNX Software Systems. If I would be in their situation I would never release a nc version, because I know that there are people who need QNX and who will pay a lot for it. Community members like me would never spend thousands of dollars just to use it as a workstation.

Remember, this speculation. No one really knows what will happen when 6.3 comes out. I hope they do offer a version to us long time NC users at a special deal, but who knows?

Not sure who I would sell to, but I’d like to be allowed to give it a go without shelling out thousands. As for guy/bedroom/QNX soon making decisions for big company, you’re probably right about it being an overrated argument, won’t stop me trying it though! But even so, I doubt it does any harm for programmers to be exposed to it early, and find out for themselves how much it rocks. I would never have had the opportunity to try it without NC.

I’m not familiar with the full version of QNX, or how it differs from NC, but for my $200 all I want is NC with the right to make more than freeware, so my suggestion for a $200 dollar version is purely a license thing, I’m not asking QSS to maintain different software.

If QSS think that either that or NC is not worthwhile then I’m sure they’ve thought it through, but I think it would be a great shame to relegate such a cool OS to science labs and fancy toasters (joke!).

zizban is correct of course though, it’s all speculation.

Zizban: You make it sound SO easy ;-)

OK here is the scenario, I’m company X and I’m into serious embedded stuff. I go to QNX and I buy the Standard version for 4000 US dollars for ten developers, total 40 000 (for the professional it would be 80 000). One month later I go browse their web page and what do I see, the same Standard version that sells for 200$. Now guess what, I’m really really pissed.

Apparently thegman QNX, made some choices and your profile just don’t fit their plan. That’s how it is, that’s how it’s going to be.

I would guest old QNX user (old as in working with it for over 10 years) wish for QNX to be bigger, more organised, have bigger customer etc. Well we got our which, however in the process small fish like you and me that aren’t generating dollars for QNX are tossed aside. That’s ok , it’s the nature of the beast.

Maybe one day when they have all the BIG OEM and billion in the bacnk they will have time to get back to us :wink: