slinger performance

i have two not (!) identical qnx v4.25 machines with the same sysinit file, and starting slinger from this file with the same options. one machine serves http requests very well, the other one very poor, i.e. very very seldom. the browser (qnx or win) status line says “receiving data from” but nothig happens.

anything else with respect to tcp/ip runs very well on the ‘poor’ machine, telnet, ftp etc., and there is no overload of cpu or memory, i dare to say.
from the ifconfig i read among other data : ‘broadcast’, which seems a little bit odd to me ?

any hints where to search next ?

regards HELGE

What’s netinfo -l show on the machine that is slow? Network problems perhaps?

no, no, netinfo -l shows no trace of problems orerrors encountered, and yes, on the other side, everything else (like ftp) goes fast and reliable.

the problem actually started after i made the server being node ‘2’ instead of node ‘1’ - i mean i wiped the hd and set it up new with being node ‘2’.

ok, i will wipe it again and set it up as ‘1’, and we shall see. so momentarily there is no need for you to look into this any more. if you like, i’ll keep you informed.

in any case thanks

The problem seems familiar, especially dealing with nodes and licensing, but it has been too long since I regaularly worked in QNX4 to remember the issue.

Sure, post an update to this thread if you find anything…


thanks, Rick, and sorry I burdened you with this some time ago, but even though telnet, ftp etc. ran very well, i decided to change the nic finally, and with the new one this mean machine serves http files by slinger very well, being node 1.
Netinfo did’nt show any problems either, so the whole thing seems a little bit odd to me.
Anyway, I do not intend to look into this any further, and I do not expect you to do so neither.
Thanks again, HELGE