QNX laptop

I want to install QNX on a laptop. (Acer Extenza 670CDT 32 mb 150 MHz) Every time I run the install the computer crashes. More specific after installing and rebooting it crashes when the helpviewer search database starts to be generated. Can someone give me some advice about how to install QNX correctly.

Just a guess, but sounds like the machine is running out of ram. A p150 w/32 meg ram isnt really recommended for qnx 6.2.1. You might get away with 6.0 though. Also double check in the laptops bios that “plug n play os” is disabled and that the qnx partition is the “active” partiton if theres more than one os on that drive.


Also try disabling DMA (hit esc on boot) and see if that helps.


You can try to disable the Powermanagement, too. That was the mistake at me :slight_smile:.