vim 6.1 for QNX 6.1

I have the following problem. I would like to get vim-6.1 for x86 and QNX 6.1 and I can not find vim-6.1 for QNX 6.1 ( I would like to have it in .qpr). Could anyone help me??

Thank you.

PS: The problem is that I can not read the repositories which are in Internet and it is said in openqnx that vim-6.1 was in the 3rd party CD. I have downloaded it and it is not.

Thank you, any help will be appreciated.
My email address is: (in case you could send me
the vim 61. editor)

You have to know that the 3rd party CD is for qnx 6.2, and the stuff most likely won’t work in qnx 6.1. I just double checked and vim 6.1 IS on the 3rd party CD, in case you want to try your luck :slight_smile:

there is a vim 6.0 for qnx 6.1 if 6.0 is ok for you:

Thank you for the answer.

At the end I have compiled vim6.1 from (from the source files) and commenting lines 444 and 445 of src/os_unix.c is enough to
compile it. The editor is quite good ( It is not so easy to find a good
code editor).

Thank you