using a serial keypad outside photon with io-hid devi-hirun

Hi :slight_smile:

I tried everyting but I can’t make it work. In photon, I use this to make a serial keypad working : "devi-hirun kbd uart -2 "but it doesn’t work outside photon.
camz told me on the chat :“well, that is probably because keyboards and the text console are controlled by devc-con outside of photon, and only photon (currently) uses the io-hid framework”
and that’s what evanh tried to make me understand but I didn’t know why they say in the qnxhelp that you have to put “-r” argument if you’re not using Photon and -P is supposed to not lauch a photon application…

So I tried this :
devi-hirun -P -r kbd fd -d/dev/ser2 but didn’t work…

And then I tried with io-hid.
for exemple : io-hid -dps2ser kbd:uart -2 but didn’t work…
And what is the difference between using “uart,2” and “fd -d /dev/ser2” ?

devi-hirun works inside photon with “uart” but not with “fd”…

Something else: what is the “acces point” to the shell? The that is used by devc-con?

And what is this for ? Is it usefull? “stty term=ansi </dev/ser2” ??

Thanks a lot for any help :slight_smile:

Arnaud Stoumont

You are messing with keyboard driver when on keyboard. It may not be a good idea. Maybe try to telnet/ssh in and play with the commands from there?

camz/evanh are right, when you are on the console, devc-con is the one who is driving keyboard and display. I bet your trick will work in X also, just like it worked in Photon.