QNX 6 and PPPoE ... how do you get it going ?

Hi there,

I’m struggling to get PPPoE working on my 6.2.1 setup … I’ve created a connection with as much info as I know (I’ll expand on this in a moment) however although QNX starts to “dial” the server (PPPD starts up and I see the modem lights flicker away) it then immediatly closes the connection down :frowning:

One field in the create a connection window that I don’t know what to fill in with is the “Server” field ? What is supposed to go in here ? My Windows setup doesn’t need anything like this and neither does the Linux setup … but it could be what is causing me grief. The other OS’s just needed to know what NIC was connected to the modem/router, what the username is and what the password is.

Any ideas ?

The PPPoE is for a wireless connection using Woosh … (www.woosh.co.nz)
I’ve started my NIC with:

io-net -d speedo vid=0x8086,did=0x1050 -p pppoe -p tcpip -p pppmgr
also tried
io-net -d speedo vid=0x8086,did=0x1050 -p tcpip



Just leave the server field blank.

Sounds to me the pppoe client can’t establish a connection with your server. You can try something manualy.

  1. load io-net as your first line (with both -p pppmgr -p pppoe)

  2. in a terminal, be root, and try:

    pppoed -vvvv en=en0 noscript logfd=2

See if the output make any sense to you. If the session is established,
you might going on try this:

  1. pppd /dev/io-net/ppp_en debug logfd 2 -ac -pc mtu 1492 defaultroute usepeerdns noipdefault updetach name <your_login_nam>

and see if pppd negotiation give you any hint

I shall give that a burn once I’m home and let you know the results :slight_smile:



Didn’t work … pity this whole PPPoE thing isn’t as transparent as “other” OS’s :frowning:

When I did the “pppoed” line the lights on the modem lit up like it had connected properly, but
It blurted out a bunch of stuff when I did the “pppd” line … then disconnected again. (sorry didn’t cut-n-paste)

I wouldn’t need to use PPPoE if I put a router in between my PC and the wireless modem would I ?

Anyone other thoughts ?