LAN and Internet settings - How do i do it?

Hi there,

I have QNX6.2.1 NC installed on my x86 PC! But, after successful installation it is not detecting the Network interface (en0 or en1)

I am pretty much a beginner using this platform. Can anyone please tell me step by step instructions to configure QNX for LAN access and Internet on Voyager Web browser?

Do I have to install the drivers for network (ethernet) card for QNX platform?


  1. Install momentics. The installation is two part process. First it install a 6.2.0 (with a broken driver for a nic) and then after restart into photon u have to install the real 6.2.1 (run installer and install momentics). Restart required after momentics instalation.

  2. Use ifconfig or phlip to check and/or set-up network interfaces.

  3. If still not working, post your network card/model name (also post output of the pci tool regarding class network devices.)

Hi there,

I was experienceing the same things as you, looks like QNX isn’t too hot at working out what driver to try for various hardware.

You’ll need to find out what chipset your NIC is and then see what driver to use, then use the “pci” command to list all the PCI devices in your system, “pci” will tell you the vendor ID and Device ID of the PCI devices as well.

In my system I’ve got a built in Intel NIC, QNX doesn;t recognise it, however it does have a driver that is supposed to work with it, so what I found out was that I need to tell QNX to use a particular driver for a particular Vendor ID and Device ID :

io-net -d speedo vid=0x8086,did=0x1050 -p tcpip

that command tells QNX to use the “speedo” driver (for Intel chipsets … stupid nameing convention hey ? :slight_smile: and that to look for a PCI device with a Vendor ID of 8086 and a device Id of 1050, then to use the TCPIP protocol.

There’s loads more to it than that … but I’ve not learned it yet :slight_smile: