qnx won't boot, just from floppy

I installed qnx 6.2.1 according to the procedure mentioned earlier in a windows 98 environment onto a fat32 partition. Starting from a boot floppy resultes straight into photon GUI.
When starting from the modified config.sys only in “Safe mode” I get the bash. In normal mode it won’t boot. In verbose mode it is indicated

  1. can’t mount / (type io-audio)
  2. running crttrap
  3. optFaulted in v86 call! (int 0x10, eax=4f10).
    then freezes.
    Any ideas? Pls. step by step explanation, as I am a newbie.

If you use the config.sys method, you should see two options during boot:
Depending on whether your boot floppy was created with or without DMA support, one of the boot option will work.

I realized, that the startup hangs at crttrap, when I boot by the config.sys. As you know by floppy boot, the have found new hardware appears with three selections 1. “vga display”, 2. neomagic and 3. vesa of which all three continue to the Photon GUI.
Interestingly by config.sys boot just the vga display works and this is sort of annoying (640x480). The graphic driver command is io-graphics -g640x480x8 -dldevg-vga.so -P/usr/photon/palette/vga4.pal.
By changing the display driver in the configuration graphics just grayish rectangulars are displayed, which is also possible by floppy boot.
Any ideas?