Broadcom NetXtreme 5704C (Dell Poweredge 1750) + QNX?

Hi folks,

we’re a research institution that uses a rack of 16 QNX boxes for
robotics work. We’re looking at getting new computers (8-16 of them) and are considering Dell Poweredge 1750 1U servers.

However, these come with dual onboard Broadcom gigabit NICs that I believe are not officially supported by QNX. Does anyone know whether these (I believe they are NetXtreme 5704C’s) will work on QNX Neutrino?

I have also heard that some people have produced drivers for different broadcom gigabit NICs. Would those perhaps work with the 1750’s NICs?

Another, potentially less serious, issue is that the 1750’s come with LSI 1030 Ultra320 SCSI controllers. What are the chances of these working under Neutrino? Should we rather look at other manufacturers and if so, does anyone know of a good place that sells QNX compatible rackmountable systems?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


phearbear has done lots of QNX drivers for the Dell:

You might want to check with him.