Terminal session via serial port and modem

I’m shortly going to want to create a dial up terminal session into QNX 6.2.1 NC on PC box. QNX 4 has everything that’s required using something like this:
tinit -c “modem -L -b 57600” -m 10 -t ser1
(taken from qnx.com/developers/docs/qnx_ … tinit.html )

I’ve looked at the 6.2.1 docs and tinit has changed; it now requires the use of the config file: /etc/config/ttys to set options. Fair enough - but the modem utility is not ported to V6 - so it seems. So, the question is - what is the equivalent set of operations to set up a modem to receive dialups and deliver a terminal with login? I’m quite happy is someone can point me to the correct docs/examples. I’ve had a good look but cannot find what I need. I’m away from my QNX box at the moment so cannot experiment.

Thanks for any help



Thanks for the info. I’ll report back when I’ve set up to test this.