How to develope a grid?

Is there a widget in Photon like a flexgrid? or how can I develop it? or has a company developed something like that?

I can use the PtGenList, but there’s a form to use diferent background color in each item on the list?

I apreciate your help.

Maybe PtGrid will do …

Another way i know of is to make use of combination of PtScrollArea as the main area, PtDivider to divide area into columns and PtPane to create rectangulars in each of the columns, but this is not a “full featured” grid widget …


Pl. let me know if u had found the solution for using FlexGrid. I’m also in need of a solution for a similar problem where I want to print some data at specific positions using Photon.

At present, I’m using a combination of scroll container and list box and I used PtListAddItems for adding to the list. But I’m unable to succeed in writing at specific locations.