[HELP ME]Some trouble in my network!

I am troubled with accessing a remote machie running in Qnx4.24. Sometimes, when i tried to login it by “telnet”, i was told that the 23 port was denied. And the same thing happened as “ftp” it.
Then, i tried to restart the inetd process to restore it’s service, but i failed.
What’s the mater in my Qnx? How can i do?
Thanks in advance.

If it is denied, it means no process is listening on that port (which as you surmised, it means inetd is not running). Make sure you are running syslogd and check the syslog for errors when you restart inetd - it may help.

Also if you restart Socket, you will have to slay and restart inetd. (This would explain what you are seeing).


Dear rick.
Will Qnx4 OS limit someone to access itself? If it appears, what happened?

When i searched the /tmp/syslog, i found that “telnetd: shutdown on signal 0” and “telnetd: shutdown on signal 0”; What’s the meaning?
How can i do for that?

I don’t quite understand what you are asking? Are you talking networking? TCP or QNET?

QNX4 has a bunch of security issues, especially if you are on a QNET network.

Explain what you are trying to do again,


Dear Rich.
"QNX4 has a bunch of security issues, especially if you are on a QNET network. " ----- Where can i get any description of this?
My machine is running on a network as a switch to provide services for others. But some troubles might happen and any others could not access it anymore. So i searched the /tmp/syslog for the log, and “telnetd: shutdown on signal 0”, “telnetd: shutdown on signal 18” were there.
Can i detect this in advance? And when this happens, how can i resume the services?

I don’t know if anyone has ever written a comprehensive list of potential QNX4 security issues. The issues with qnet revolve around a design which is supposed to make it easy to access resources between different machines. This is great from a distributed computing point of view, but not so great from a secutiry point of view.

If you are trying to make the machine secure for non-root users, you want to make sure you review the permissions on all the files and devices. Don’t run qnet (or rather don’t tell other machines about this one view netmap).

You need to figure out went wrong with either Socket or inetd if you could no longer login. When you can’t login, is Socket still running? Is inetd still running? If not, what does syslog and traceinfo say?

telnetd: shutdown on signal 0 is a normal exit. signal 18 is SIGCHLD which I presume would mean that the child exited - again I doubt it is the issue.