Can i use Net.fd to connect with others through a NIC?

Hello everybody.
As the topic, does it come true? What should i do for that?
Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand the question. Why would you need Net.fd to connect if have a network card. What it is you want to acheive and what is the setup.

Net.fd is used to create a network interface over a file descriptor - in particular it can be used to create a qnet connection over a serial port.


for mario, if you want to use QNET over TCP/IP network across routers.

for Hmilzy, if you are on the same Ethernet collision domain, there is no need for Net.fd. If you are trying to use QNET/FLEET between QNX 4 nodes across routers, you should look into infleet (

Thank you for your answers, my dear friends.
My system is running on a board in which there are not any serial ports or any other device but a network card.
I think that i could connect with any others by Net.fd( not Net.ether82557, because it seems something is wrong with it ).
Can i achieve it?
Waiting for your answer.

No you can’t Net.fd, needs a device (such as serial port) to send data over.

If there is no serial port and the network card isn’t working, what other physical link do you have available.

When you says something is wrong with network card, do you think the hardware is broken or that it’s a compatibility issue. Could you post the output of show_pci -v command.

Dear Mario.
My network card could work normally in a few days. But it would break down sometimes and could not transmit any packets. At the time of this happenning, i could not get any information from
“$netsniff”. Then i want to use Net.fd as the driver of my network card, instead of Net.ether82557.
I want to build a virtual device as “/dev/myNet_fd” as the I/O file descriptor of Net.fd. But i don’t know how to connect it with my real network card.
Any suggestions?

You cannot connect Net.fd to a normal network driver ( because network driver do not provide a fd based interface). Even if you could that wouldn’t get you anywhere since it’s still Net.ether82557 that deals with the hardware, you’d end up with the same problem. Net.fd would just add a layer on top of Net.ether82557. Forget about Net.fd.

What you could try is when the network stops working, kill Net.ether8255 and restart it. This is definitly an ugly solution, but I don’t see any other way out of this aside from figuring out the root of the problem. It could be hardware, could be software ;-) Try to find if when the network goes down a perticular operation occured. Leave the system running without any of your software and see if the networks dies.

Where are you using netsniff, on a different machine. Something as simple as wiping the netmap database would make it seems like the network is down (no transmission). Are you using TCP/IP? What does netinfo -l shows when network is down?

Net.fd runs on top of the normal hardware drivers such as Net.ether82557. Net.fd itself doesn’t have any knowledge of your hardware.

No it run on top of file descriptor based driver which may or may not talk to hardware (infleet being an example of non hardware).

Net.fd cannot be configure on top of Net.ether82557 since it does not provide a file descriptor base interface.