conflict with network card 3Com905

With the command SIN IRQ, I saw these details:

IRQ -1 /bin/Dev32
IRQ -1 /bin/Dev16
IRQ -1 /bin/Dev32.ansi
IRQ -1 /bin/Net
IRQ -1 /bin/Fsys.floppy
IRQ -1 /bin/Dev32.ser
IRQ 0 /boot/sys/Proc32
IRQ 0 /bin/Net
IRQ 1 /bin/Dev32.ser
IRQ 4 /bin/Dev32.ansi
IRQ 6 /bin/Fsys.floppy
IRQ 10 /bin/Net
IRQ 12 /bin/input
IRQ 13 /boot/sys/Proc32
IRQ 14 /bin/Fsys.eide

I thought that the /bin/Net is in conflict in IRQ -1 and the IRQ 0 ???

The network card driver is configure in the sysinit.node with IRQ 10.

I need help because I can´t use the network when I start the Net in verbose mode send the following errors: Net: runtime 2107, 0007,0035,2100 and 0033

Many thanks

Don’t worry about IRQ 0 and -1. It shows Net is using IRQ 10 as you expect.